Maruti Crisis: Protestors demand release of innocent workers

NEW DELHI – A large number of people Saturday protested against the repression of workers at Maruti Suzuki plant, a leading car manufacturer and urged the government to act against the management of the company and to release innocent workers, who were arrested following violence inside the plant on last Wednesday.

The protestors, who gathered outside Haryana Bhavan, shouting the slogans against Bhupinder Hooda, the chief minister of Haryana and the management of Maruti Suzuki Company, accused the management of repressing the workers of the factory since a year.

Addressing the gathering of protestors, Shivkumar of Inquilabi Mazdoor Kendra said, “Workers had long pending resentment against the officials of management, who used to harass and abuse the workers for trivial issues.”

He also expressed the deep anguish over the entire episode and death of Awanish Kumar Dev. “We grieve over this unfortunate and painful incident. And also deplore the move to make others scapegoat for this.”

He also held management of the plant, labor department and administration responsible for the entire incident.

In Wednesday’s clash between workers and management staff, a senior executive was killed and scores were injured. The management had pointed the finger at workers for the violence inside the plant premises. Police have arrested about a hundred workers in this case.

Protestors also accused the management of the violent developments, who according to them called in the bouncers to brutally attack the workers.

Protestors in the memorandum sent to the chief minister of Haryana also demanded an impartial probe by an independent agency. They also demanded a thorough investigation of security in-charge of the plant, who according to protestors, will be in better position to reveal about the bouncers.

Members of about two dozens of social and labor organizations joined the demonstration.